Starting our Whole 30 challenge

Today, my fiance and I started a new journey together. Getting fit and healthy, eating better food and taking better care of ourselves.


About a week ago I went to see my nutritionist and she thought I should try the Whole 30 diet. She thought I was already doing well on a lot of things and thought there could be an underlying cause to my weight issues. We ruled out my thyroid as I have had it tested many times and it always come back normal. She thought it could be gut health because I also struggle with eczema. So I decided I would give it a shot, but of course I didn’t want to do it alone. Who wants to watch the person they live with eat pizza and drink beer while they can’t eat grains, dairy, legumes, sugar or alcohol. That didn’t sound fun to me at all. So, I thought I would try and convince Jason to do it with me. It was easier than I thought, his response was “what can we eat?”

I had wondered the same thing. Thought I would have to eat bland, boring rabbit food. I’m too much of a foodie for that and I knew I wouldn’t last 30 days if that were the case. I did a lot of searching on Pinterest and found several helpful blogs and a ton of delicious recipes.

Breakfast – 3 egg omelet filled with a small amount of leftover steak, portabello mushrooms, onion and red peppers with tomato slices, a few strawberries and a cutie (mandarin orange).


Lunch- Left over grilled chicken thighs, garlic green beans and homemade sweet potato fries with homemade sriacha mayo (which I realized later my sriacha was not whole 30 approved as it contains sugar) Ingredient checking is a bitch! It’s easiest to just use as little prepackaged goods as possible.


Dinner- A lean Boston butt roasted in a cast iron skillet over carrots, celery, onion and garlic cloves with braised red cabbage and apples. (It was freaking delish and it made a ton of leftovers for easy lunches) That will definitely be a repeat.


In the future I will do some more in depth recipes.  I was unsure about starting the blog so I wasn’t quite prepared! Hope someone will find this helpful!

I’m feeling great today, granted the sugar withdraws won’t set in for a few days! That should be fun. 🙂  We were both completely satisfied. We didn’t even feel the need for a morning or afternoon snack. Looking forward to seeing how this will help heal our bodies and change our lives.

6 thoughts on “Starting our Whole 30 challenge

  1. Looks great, good luck with your journey! You guys are taking the right approach in that the Whole30/Paleo thing isn’t necessarily about eating bland, boring, “diet” food – but rather finding the tastiest meals under a new set of parameters.

  2. Hey nancy! Loved your blog! Great to see that you have such a sweet husband supporting you ( makes your bond even stronger, since you’re going through this journey together!) I was inspired by the recipes and took some pics of them. If you can, try telling a little about how your experiencing this challenge ( maybe might you stumble upon some mental or other difficulties) really looking forward to your second blog ( but pls don’t feel pressured!) lots of love xoxo

    • Thanks, Janice! I appreciate it. Glad it seems like some people are enjoying my first blog! I have actually been working on the second post off and on today and added some of the challenges I have started experiencing today. Jason really is great, I was seriously surprised when I convinced him to do this, which I shouldn’t have been because he is always so supportive and open-minded, also it didn’t really take much convincing. 😉 Hope you enjoy the second post! Should be up soon! Again, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the interest in it continuing. haha.

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